Inbound Calls.     Your Most Valuable Leads.     Convert More.

77 billion inbound calls were made by high-intent mobile consumers to local businesses in 2014.

Inbound call volume is predicted to grow 110% to 162 billion by 2019. (source: BIA / Kelsey)

Conversion rate of inbound calls is between 30 to 50%.

Web leads convert at 2%. (source: Salesforce)

Ready for Inbound Calls?

3 Reasons Why You Will Be Receiving More Inbound Calls.


Mobile Phones are Everywhere

184 million people (75.8%) in the U.S. own smartphones as of Jan. 2015. - Comscore


Mobile Search is Exploding

Mobile search volume has exceeded desktop Search in May 2015. - Google


Mobile Users are Calling

70% of mobile searchers have called a business from Google search results. – Google

Connected, Calling Consumers Demand Immediate Responses

50% of buyers choose the vendor or service that responds first. - 2014 Lead Response Report

Miss an inbound lead call? Consumers don't leave voicemails, they instantly call your competitor.

Inbound Call Facts & Stats

72% of Consumers would be extremely likely to "Click-to-Call" local Professional Services.


82% of smartphone users use a search engine to find a local business. – Google 2014


71% Of an advertiser’s search engine conversions occurred over the phone

Marchex - Improving Advertising Results

Phone contact within 5 minutes after lead submission, the odds that the lead is contacted are 100 times greater than if it is contacted 30 minutes after submission

Kellog/MIT Study - Dr. James Oldroyd

47% of mobile searchers say that if a business does not have a phone number associated with their search results, they will be more likely to explore other brands.


Nearly 20% of calls result in a hang-up, usually due to hold-time or an unanswered call in 2015.


Real Estate Case Study

Consumer response time expectations for all inquiries.

California Association of REALTORS - 2014 Homebuyer Survey

Consumer Expectation   Agent Actual

Instant Response

8% Agent

Less than 30 Minutes


Less than 1 Hour


Less than 2 Hours


Less than 4 Hours


Same Day


More than 24 Hours


CallAction is engineered to help you convert your inbound caller leads.

CallAction is a mobile web application to automate the tracking and engagement of inbound calls across all marketing channels.

Track Every Inbound Call

Instantly create a local or toll-free phone number for each of your marketing channels to automatically track every inbound call that is seamlessly routed to your phone.

Real-Time Activation of Numbers

Channel & Campaign Analytics

Call Reporting Dashboard

Build Your Lead Database

Every inbound call is saved to your secure cloud-hosted database and appended in real-time with caller information aggregated from the world's largest consumer profile databases.

View Caller Details & Demographics

Export Caller Records to CRM

Add Notes & Contact Data

Answer Every Call

Ideally, every call is answered in person but all missed calls are automatically responded to with our intelligent SMS automation designed for instant caller engagement.

Powerful Mobile App to Manage Calls

Automatically Reply to Miss Calls

Follow-up Notifications

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1 Create Account

Select & activate local number, toll-free or a vanity phone number for each ad campaign.

2 Manage Number

Route phone number to destination number, link to ad campaign and set SMS automation.

3 Advertise Numbers

Immediately display your CallAction numbers on each of your consumer direct marketing channels.

Start tracking calls from all your marketing campaigns now.

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Where Should You Advertise Your Call Action Number?

Every online and offline first point of contact marketing campaign can benefit with call tracking.

Call Action Pay per Click Pay per Call

Pay per Click & Pay per Call

Increase clickthrough rate by 6-8% on PPC by simply adding a phone number. - Google

Double your opportunities at lead capture with both a landing page form and phone number.

Call Action Direct Mail

Direct Mail

See who's responding and easily monitor ROI of each campaign. Easily A/B test using a toll free vs. local number for lift.

Call Action Social Media

Social Media

Include a contact number on your social media marketing to attract customers who are deeper in the sales funnel. Display a contact number on all your profiles, while keeping your personal mobile number private.

Call Action Print


Run print campaigns with a targeted number and website to build trust and increase response rates.

Call Action Signage


Target numbers for billboards, real estate signs and posters to monitor reach and effectiveness of signs.

Call Action Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Increase engagement and conversions from your email list and news letters with a call to action phone number.

Call Action Radio


Easily purchase memorable vanity, local or toll free numbers for you radio spots and automatically build a contact database every caller for future targeting.

Call Action Websites

Websites & Landing Pages

Data shows that consumers trust web pages with prominently displayed phone numbers; increasing overall campaign conversions.

Who is Call Action for?

Any of the 13 million sales professionals, 28 million small businesses or 53 million freelancers who advertise services to receive inbound calls, such as:

  • Real Estate & Mortgage Pros
  • Insurance Agents
  • Home Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Freelancers & Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Automotive Repair
  • Outside Sales

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